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We hope to help you on your journey and if we can support you with an advisory service/consultation for individuals, groups or a school setting we have lots of experience in this area and can provide various packages to suit any combination of needs or budget.  Please make contact via email.

Sensory rooms are a speciality to us and we have designed, planned and supplied products for many.  

We are also able to offer a ‘build and install service’ for schools, centres, hospitals, charity organisations, home and very popular this year are garden sheds!  They make excellent comfortable Pods with the added benefits of fresh air and outdoor learning opportunities.

If you would like more information about these amazing ‘Sensory Environments’ and an idea of prices and  packages to SUIT YOU please drop us an enquiry email

A little bit about us…

Starpacks is an innovative company based in Cheshire with a great team of teachers, specialists, therapists, nurses, parents and business people.

As well as inventing and designing products for some of the leading educational companies we also supply many others from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

These companies have become great friends and partners as well as suppliers and we are delighted to be working with them and supplying their products alongside our own.

We work together to carefully choose products and resources from all over the world then having checked that they meet all legal safety requirements we test them thoroughly with our amazing groups of mixed ability and aged children.  

Only once we are sure they are safe and robust and will provide hours of use and positive results do we offer them for sale.

The research and knowledge used for choosing products is vast so you can be re assured that anything we sell has been shown to offer great benefits whether it be in play, learning, sensory needs, emotional or behavioural.

A holistic approach is at our absolute heart and we firmly believe that happy children make happy learners. We would go as far as to say that often anxiety, confusion and stress are huge barriers to learning and enjoying life for a lot of people.

Our genuine wish is that our range of special products will fill the gap to relieve these problems and help our special children grow in every way.

“Happy children make great learners, we advocate a positive teaching approach and provide special resources to support this”

Vanessa Bell MD and founder. Starpacks Ltd